Becoming Disciples through Bible Study
"If you make my word your home, you will indeed be my disciples."
John 8:31.



Disciple Bible Study is a fellowship of approximately 12 members plus a leader, which normally meets weekly for 2 ½ hours for 32-34 weeks to study the scriptures in depth.   There also are some "short course" Disciple Bible Studies.

Disciple aims at transformation, not just information. It calls upon persons to submit themselves to examination by scripture, to put themselves under the power of God’s word, and to be changed by God’s word. Disciple participants will become better parents, better Sunday School teachers, better members of youth groups, better choir members, better church officers, better fellowship member. Each person’s ministry will be inspired and transformed through the scriptures.

The title Disciple includes both identity and purpose. The disciple is a learner, believer, follower and proclaimer of the word. In the Bible the word disciple is connected with instruction and training. Disciple assumes that people are hungry for the word of God, for fellowship in prayer and study, and for a sense of appropriate ministry as baptized, believing, committed Christians. The purpose of Disciple is to develop strong Christian leaders through regular in-depth study of scripture. Disciple making and Christian nurturing are its goals.