Adult Sunday School


Seekers Class - Room 208 
Mostly couples and singles who are in middle life stages. Lively discussion on all kinds of topics from historical events to biography to current events to Bible study.
Contact: email Mary Eisenmann


Sojourners Class - Room 216 
This class is a wonderful mix of mature couples and singles. The class prefers topical lessons, always Bible-based, with lively discussion.
Contact: email Gerald Blase or Ann Haynes

Pathfinders Class - Room 217  
A class for all ages and stages of adults who are interested in lively discussion and practical application of Biblical themes.  
Contact: email Jeanne Clark

Genesis Class - Room 218 
This class is a Bible Study group, concentrating on reading and studying Scripture and applying it to our daily lives. Group members take turns leading the discussions each week.
Contact: email Connie Bouas

Spencer/Bradley Class - The Reception Room
A lively class for singles and couples of all ages and stages in life.
contact: email Terry Kirby or Linda Keyes

Aldersgate Class - Tri-room
The Aldersgate class, while composed primarily of senior adults is open to any and all people seeking an understanding of God’s word.  People have heard many lessons taught and sermons preached about events in the Bible and their importance and potential meanings.  Sometimes, however, the applications, parallels and similarities to the present are overlooked.  Aldersgate seeks to renew our understanding of God’s word and reveal those connections to the world of today.  The class is currently studying the book of Acts, “The Acts of the Apostles”, and remembering we are all apostles and discovering the many and often unexpected parallels between then and now.  The Bible, God’s word, remains a guidebook we often forget to consult.  Aldersgate seeks to rediscover direction.  Ken Gibson is the current class president and Bob Carmichael is the current presenter. All are welcome.
Contact: email Ken Gibson​ or
Bob Carmichael