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Our Philosophy


Through preschool education at Christ UMC, it is hoped that young children will come to view themselves and others as persons of worth and that they are capable of giving and sharing in personal relationships.  It is important that children begin to learn to live together in an ever-expanding community.  Children will be developing a sense of wonder about the natural world, knowing that they were created by and are creating with God.

Teaching methods used are in accord with the best in current child development theory and practice.  It is understood that children develop physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually at different growth rates.  Therefore, children will not be hurried or forced to fit into common molds.  Rather, each child will be encouraged to do his/her best at his/her own pace.  Each child will be given every opportunity to become a person with the confidence to begin to face his/her problems and his/her world with a sense of positive self-image and self-worth.  This program will not practice racial discrimination.


Both the preschool and Children's Day Out programs are staffed by qualified teachers and caregivers who meet all licensing standards.  Our Preschool program celebrated its 41st year of operation in 2018, a milestone of which we are very proud.

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