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Sunday Programming

Sunday Morning Classes


Small Group Classrooms

2-3 year olds -  Room 104

4-5 year olds - Room 108

K & 2nd Gr. - Room 209

3rd - 5th Gr. - Room 210

Large Group Worship  Room 211

ChristKids Preschool

9:55 am - from birth to PreK 

"First Look"

We believe nothing is more important than caring for your baby, toddler, and preschooler! First Look is the precursor to 252basics and it teaches children three basic truths:

1.) God loves me!

2.) God made me!

3.) Jesus wants to be my friend!

Our babies, toddlers, and preschoolers will engage in awesome songs; they will dance; they will play; they will learn about Jesus in a fun and interactive way!

Our nursery staff and teachers are equipped and trained to care for your little ones, ages birth through preschool. Childcare and First Look programming are available on Sunday morning during all three services and on Wednesday nights.

Please remember to label your child's belonging and sign him or her out. Safety is our top priority!


Kindergarten - 5th grade

9:55 am - 10: 50 am - ChristKids and 252basics

"Plug in, Power Up, and Catch On!"

Children first meet in their age appropriate, small group classroom upstairs to "plug-in" and get ready for an awesome hour of learning. Next, their small group leaders bring them to the large group experience room downstairs to "power up" and worship God through music, a Bible story, and prayer. Finally, they return to their small group classroom to "catch on" and make a personal, real-world connection to the lesson. Parents can drop-off and pick-up their children upstairs in their designated, labeled classroom. Don't forget to sign kids in and out for their safety!

We believe it is a necessity that each child know three basic truths by the time he or she finishes 5th grade:

1.) I need to make a wise choice!

2.) I can trust God no matter what!

3.) I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

These three truths are derived from Luke 2:52, and are the fundamentals or "basics" for our programming. Kids can expect a safe, fun, and awesome time when they come to ChristKids on Sunday mornings!

8:50 am & 11:00 am - Worship Services

Children and families are encouraged to worship together!

All are welcome in our sanctuary!   


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