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Christ UMC Member Spotlight

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Sandy Plummer

Sandy is a member of our Church Prayer Concern Group,  Prayer Shawl Group and  Christ Touch Team.


Sandy has felt called to serve in all these areas.  Since 2009, she has faithfully used her creative hands and heart  to live out her commitment to God to be His hands in our Prayer Shawl Group.  As she makes her shawls, lap covers, and baptism blankets, she prays as she crochets for the recipient to be comforted by God’s love.  Additionally, a card is given with the shawl to people going through difficult life situations.  The card explains that the shawls are filled with prayers in hope that the recipient feels warmth, comfort, healing, strength, and peace. The Prayer Shawl Group prays that the shawl will be a tangible reminder of God’s Love. Also, 

on Easter right before Covid, Sandy crocheted pocket prayer squares with a cross design in it.  She made enough for all of those attending to receive one with a note on it.  The note was a reminder they could take it anywhere to have to remind them of how much God loved them   It was done in purple to represent Christ.  She made enough that there were several left over that went in welcome bag for new visitor

In our Christ UMC Prayer Group, Sandy prays faithfully for God to be active in the lives of those on our church prayer list. This list normally has 40 people on it including members and friends of members.

In our Christ Touch Team, she sends out cards to members who due to health reasons, cannot attend church. This is our way of letting members know we care about them on their birthdays, holidays, or just to say thinking of you. Our Christ Touch Team helps remind members that we are thinking of them.


Sandy has experienced God in many ways where her prayers have sustained her.  This has moved her to humbling serving others through prayer.  She is always reaching out with acts of compassion and kindness to comfort those in need. 

"Whatever our circumstances, God is always with us--caring and loving us.”