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Without parents on this team, we cannot accomplish our mission. We hope you will join the CUMC Youth Team in one of these Four Areas!


Nightlife Help: We are seeking energetic parents that are open to walking alongside our students during Sunday Youth Fellowship and/or Wednesday Night Youth. These awesome adults will play games with our students, share life stories with our students, participate in small group discussions and bible studies with our students, and all around be amazing! Nightlife at CUMC Youth is a great way for adults to BE in the life of our young people in a fun and impactfull environment!


Ministry Support

Christ FOCUS: These are adult leaders and parents that are called to teaching and shepherding our students on Sunday mornings. Typically our parents would not be placed in the same class as their child to allow both the opportunity to share openly. We like to keep at least Three Teachers in each class so that they can have others to bounce ideas off of and so that they can set a rotation for teaching that allows each teacher a weekend off here and there. If you feel called to be in ministry alongside our students in this capacity, please contact Bryce Blank at


Special Events

If you are a parent that wants to help, but cannot commit to a regular volunteer schedule, Special Events is the place for you! Every time our students have a retreat, lock-in, fellowship outing, and party we need adults to join us! Without parents support during special events we will not be able to offer our students these life changing opportunities. Please consider stepping out and stepping up to help our Youth Ministry Special Events.


Mission Trips

It goes without saying, but again, without the participation of amazing parents at CUMC our students would not have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ during our summer mission trips. This is a huge commitment for a parent and one that I and the entire CUMC staff appreciates greatly! If you have a heart for mission and love our students, then please consider becoming a volunteer on one of our mission trips this summer. For more information, please contact Bryce Blank at

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