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Thank you for your recurring gift to Christ UMC!

In preparation for a better church experience, we are changing online giving processors. Please end your recurring gift(s) with our previous giving platform before starting a recurring gift(s) with our new platform.

Once you have cancelled your previous recurring gift(s) please click on GIVE ONLINE in the top menu bar to be taken to our new platform to set up your new recurring gift(s)


 Click the button below to be taken to our previous giving processor to cancel.


Cancel Recurring Transactions

vanco 1.jpg
Vanco 2.1.jpg
Vanco 3.1.jpg
Vanco 4.1.jpg

Delete Bank Info

Vanco 5.01.jpg
Vanco 6.1.jpg
Vanco 7.1.jpg

Delete Profile

Vanco Profile .1.jpg
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