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 CUMC Legacy Fund


is a permanent endowment fund established by the Charge Conference of Christ United Methodist Church. The Legacy Fund is designed to help you achieve Christian goals in ways which minimize tax burdens. The Legacy Fund is invested with the Texas Methodist Foundation, Austin, Texas, in order to generate income which can be used to further the ministry of CUMC. Each donor decides how he or she wishes to designate a legacy for the future and provide a permanent resource to witness for Christ.


Is Money The Only Thing I Can Give?

In addition to gifts of money, you can donate stocks, bonds, or other securities. Real estate can be donated, along with other valuable items. Your will can designate all or a portion of your estate. The Legacy Fund can be named as a beneficiary of your insurance policy. It may be possible to set up a trust or annuity to offer you tax benefits and income now, and benefit the church in the future.

Gifts of all sizes are needed by the Legacy Fund. Although many people have given generously in the past, the mission of our church requires a great deal of support to continue in the future.

Does The Legacy Fund Need My Gift?


Many gifts can be made to the Legacy Fund in a manner that does not involve changing your will. The Endowment Fund Committee can work with your attorney if your planning involves changes to your will.

Would I Have To Rewrite My Will?


How Does The Legacy Fund Operate?

The Christ United Methodist Church Legacy Fund is administered by the Endowment Fund Committee which is comprised of the Senior Pastor and nine elected CUMC members. The committee has the responsibility of carrying out your wishes according to its Guidelines which were adopted by resolution of the Charge Conference of CUMC. These Guidelines are in accordance with The Book of Discipline, 2008 of the United Methodist Church.


The committee manages gifts made through wills, memorials, or outright donations. The principal from these gifts is invested and the earnings may be used to strengthen and expand the ministries of the church. Since the Endowment Fund Committee’s primary goal is to provide a permanent endowment for CUMC and its ministries, the principal may be withdrawn and spent only in extreme and overwhelming circumstances. Any such withdrawal of principal must be approved by a majority vote of those present at a Charge Conference.

Can The Principal Be Spent?


How Can I Make A Lasting Tribute?


Enhance The Ministry of CUMC Through;

Undesignated Funds

Donors may make gifts, bequests, or devises to the Legacy Fund without designating a specific purpose. The income from gifts not designated may be used to provide support for any church programs and activities. The income from these funds can also be distributed to the Trustees for building maintenance and repairs.

Restricted Funds

Donors or groups of donors who make gifts in the amount of $10,000 or more may designate a specific purpose so long as it conforms to the general purposes of the Legacy Fund. Restricted gifts provide income for specific church programs, facilities or purposes as defined by the donor.

Acceptance Procedures

The Board of Directors has established procedures to assist donors in achieving their charitable goals. These procedures also ensure the Legacy Fund will be able to administer the funds in a manner consistent with the intent of the donor.

Tax & Estate Planning

This brochure is for general information purposes only. For tax advice you should consult your attorney, accountant or other planning professional. The members of the Endowment Committee will be available to assist your advisors.

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