"Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it."

Proverbs 22:6 

Welcome to Christ 4 Kids Preschool!  I'm Sherry Chapman, Director of the Preschool for the last 35 years.  We have been educating and nurturing the children of our church and community for the past 46 years.  I invite you to learn more about our preschool by scrolling down this page.  If you have specific questions, please feel free to contact me at 972.247.8483 or at sherry@christ4u.org.  I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and your child!

Sherry Chapman
Preschool Director

Our Philosophy

Through preschool education at Christ UMC, it is hoped that young children will come to view themselves and others as persons of worth and that they are capable of giving and sharing in personal relationships.  It is important that children begin to learn to live together in an ever-expanding community.  Children will be developing a sense of wonder about the natural world, knowing that they were created by and are creating with God.

Teaching methods used are in accord with the best in current child development theory and practice.  It is understood that children develop physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually at different growth rates.  Therefore, children will not be hurried or forced to fit into common molds.  Rather, each child will be encouraged to do his/her best at his/her own pace.  Each child will be given every opportunity to become a person with the confidence to begin to face his/her problems and his/her world with a sense of positive self-image and self-worth.  This program will not practice racial discrimination.

Both the preschool and Children's Day Out programs are staffed by qualified teachers and caregivers who meet all licensing standards.  Our Preschool program is celebrating its 46th year of operation, a milestone of which we are very proud.



Monday thru Friday; days customizable to fit your needs - 2 day minimum

Hours - six options available to fit your needs
8a - 2p          8a -3p          8a - 5:30p
9a - 2p          9a - 3p          9a - 5:30p
Our program is a balance of social/play and learning opportunities within a Christian environment.  Our curriculum focuses on learning to work and play cooperatively by both sharing and thinking independently.  Developmental goals and age-appropriate experiences guide our teaching.  These experiences include learning to recognize numbers, letters, and letter sounds, and working on gross and fine motor skills.
We start every morning with a prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, and the Texas Pledge.   We incorporate Christian values into the daily learning experiences.  These include a positive and caring attitude, honesty, cooperation, and respect.  

Christ4Kids has a rich history of sending children to
Kindergarten well prepared to face the challenges of school.

Children's Day Out

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

8a - 2p          8a - 3p
9a - 2p          9a - 3p
Ages 10 months to young toddler
Ratio of 3:1, Maximum 6 babies
Staffed by 2 loving Caretakers
Beds and toys are sterilized daily
This nurturing environment will offer your child:
·         Art
·         Story time
·         Snack
·         Music
·         Lunch & Naptime
·         Playtime
·         Activities for Socialization

The class is staffed by a Teacher and a Teacher's Aide


The school uses a phone app to allow the parents easier and secure interaction with the school.  Pictures, daily notes, and tuition payments can be done via the app.  
For your child's safety, he/she must be checked in and out daily and parents must answer brief health questions.

Things We Love About Christ 4 Kids

Christ 4 Kids is blessed to have a large playroom, a gym, STEM (science and math) room, and an outside playground.  

All the teachers and assistants at Christ 4 Kids have 24 to 30 hours of continuing education yearly.  

Every staff member is required to attend CPR and first aide courses every 2 years.

The calling to teach at Christ 4 Kids for many of our staff came after their own children attended the school. The school not only has the longevity and continuity of our staff but many of our families are second generation attendees.  

Through our innovative teaching and invaluable experience, we strive to develop children who are capable of giving and sharing in their personal relationships and who develop a sense of wonder about the natural world, knowing that they were created by - and are creating with - God!

How to Find Us

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